Things to do in Yuzawa Part 2

Heading out of the EchigoYuzawa Station on the West Exit and walking about 15 minutes through the “Onsendori” (Hotspring Street) you will be able to find Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway:one of the world’s biggest ropeways with a capacity of 166 passengers. The trip until the top takes about 7 minutes with a view of the whole city of Yuzawa surrounded by the mountains.

When you get up there, on the right corner you will see a flower garden with a footbath available for free where you can relax with a cup of coffee or any other drink while you enjoy the panoramic view.

Up there, there is also an italian restaurant and another restaurant where you can get curry among other options from the menu.

A lot of activities are also available for your entertainment, such as Day Camp where you can relax under the trees. Nearby there is also Zipline Adventure, Alpine plant garden and Cart – Course. The place gives some relaxing vibes and because of that, it makes a great place to go with family and friends as well.

The view on the top is breathtaking! I highly recommend you to get some ice cream and sit in one of the chairs at the ‘Kumo No Ue No Cafe’ and just enjoy the moment.

Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway also offers Trekking Courses free of charge where you can also choose the distance varying between 30mins to up to 2 hours, so even if you are a beginner you will be able to enjoy and have some cool experiences.

Going further into the Town of Yuzawa you will be discovering several places assigned to outdoor activities. Not too far from the station for example, you can enjoy a Forest Adventure with courses options for you to choose. It really blew my mind to know that a place like that existed so close to where I live.

At the Yuzawa – Nakazato Forest Adventure, guides are available to teach you how to use each equipment and as you are learning, you will be able to go through the courses that will be getting more difficult and higher as well so, even though you know you are safe there is always this feeling of adrenaline.

The spot also offers facilities such as free parking lot, rental shoes, lockers and smoking area.

During winter, Yuzawa becomes this whole cold and white scenario with numerous options of Ski Resort for you to choose but, when all this snow melts what we have is this beautiful greenish landscape just waiting to be explored.

A great spot to start is Daigenta Canyon: full of leisure activities perfect to run away from the stress of big cities and recharge your energy inside of nature.

At the lake Daigenta you can do canyoning and stand up paddle while watching the surface of the lake reflecting the surrounding forest. There is also a huge camping area where you can do BBQ with family and friends. Daigenta Area is fully prepared for that type of activities so you will also have access to public toilets, parking lots, water, showers, trash can and more. Relaxing outdoor time guaranteed without worry about unexpected events.

We all know that summer is great! But what makes summer in Japan so special is the amount of festival that it has around the country, and in Yuzawa could not be different: in the second week of August, getting out of the Echigo-Yuzawa Station on the West Exit around 7pm you will find the Yuzawa Summer Festival a traditional Japanese event with lots of food tents down the hotspring street, people wearing traditional clothes and carrying a “mikoshi” (portable shrines) and beautiful fireworks in the sky.

About 15 minutes from the Station, you can try some strawberry picking and BBQ near the river. The area is designed for these activities and you can do camping as well, if you go there during spring, walking 5 minutes you can get to the Yuzawa Central Park and see the whole park decorated with cherry blossoms!

In front of the park there is located the Tourism Center where during Autumn a Japanese Sake Event is held inside the building and at the parking you can see lots of traditional food tents for you to try. Please remember that while the event outside is free of charge, for the alcohol beverage one a ticket is required.

Last but definitely not less important, we have the honor to say that Yuzawa is home of one of the most important and fun musical festivals in Japan: The Fuji Rock Festival! Held in Naeba Ski Resort, this event already has the presence of several internationally famous bands and singers such as Twenty One Pilots, Sia, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Martin Garrix, Jason Mraz and much much more.

At the Festival, there is also this stage called Rock a go-go designed for unsigned bands to perform so it is a great deal to find out new talented people and good music, or, if you have a band and want to have the chance to go up there and make your dreams come true all you have to do is to fill out the application, the process still a mystery so do your best and cross your fingers.

That being said, with all these entertainment options available during summer makes Yuzawa a great deal for anyone to try, sure you will not regret it we will be waiting for your visit!



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