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Do you want to get paid ad results without having to manually monitor and optimize your ads? DDJ’s programmatic advertising services can help, and they have a big impact, increasing ad viewability rates by up to 70%. Continue reading to find out more!

DDJ Programmatic Ad Services

If you’re searching for a simple way to manage your online ads, DDJ’s programmatic advertising services can assist. Our world-class programmatic ad services start at 35000Yen per month and help you get more leads and conversions for less money by streamlining the online ad process.


If that sounds appealing, stay reading to discover more about our programmatic ad services, see our plans and pricing, and get in touch with us now to get started! Are you ready to start using programmatic advertising to boost your sales and revenue? Contact us online to speak with an expert advertising strategist about how programmatic advertising might help you increase your annual revenue!

Pricing: Programmatic Advertising Services

We at DDJ recognize that every business is different, which is why we offer a variety of programmatic ad solution alternatives to meet your needs and budget. Our programmatic ad service plans and pricing are as follows:


¥99 / month
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support

The following are some of the services we provide for programmatic advertising:

Development and strategy for a campaign

We at DDJ recognize that every business is unique. Our online ad professionals collaborate with you to create a custom ad plan based on your objectives and budget.

Personalized ad targeting

Our ad services use targeting choices based on the following criteria to link you to your target audience:






Education level

Related website interests


Mobile device and carrier

And more

Our Market Leader and Trailblazer plan also involve B2B targeting through:




Company size

Company location

Because you won’t be advertising to those who aren’t interested in your products and services, our intelligent targeting saves you money and leads benefit from individualized ad experiences.

Creation of ad creative

We’ll generate ad creative that will engage and convert your target demographic in addition to positioning and targeting. Our designers know how to develop aesthetically appealing ads that attract clicks, and we provide a variety of ad sizes and formats to appeal to your audience.

Google Analytics integration and goal tracking

We’ll help you track ad performance and make necessary adjustments to assist your programmatic ads to achieve even greater outcomes. You won’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the benefits of A+ programmatic ads.

Remarketing strategy and implementation

Remarketing options are included in our Market Leader and Trailblazer plans to help you re-engage and convert more prospects. Simply click here for a detailed breakdown of our programmatic advertising strategies and pricing.

Industry-leading expertise

You’ll get access to a team of paid ad professionals when you choose DDJ as your programmatic advertising partner. You’ll be assigned an account manager who will work with you to get the greatest outcomes for your company, and all of our plans include up to two personal consultations per month.

Strategic ad testing

Multivariate testing is also available for landing pages and ecommerce cart/checkout operations. If you require these extra services, please contact us for a tailored price.