Snow Country is the place to make the best snowman in Japan

The legend of the American Bigfoot and the Himalayan Yeti will astound you but Japan will take you over 2000m, above sea level. With its rich living culture and traditions, seventy minutes from Tokyo, there is another touristic spot to explore during your next holidays in Japan, it is  called “The Snow Country”. It is a Tourist Association to revitalize tourism in the seven towns of the Northern Kanto Region: Uonuma, Minami-uonuma, Minakami, Tokamachi, Tsuman , Sakae, Yuzawa. 

The Snow Country is surrounded by picturesque mountains and Japan’s largest river, Shinano River – Tone and Uono rivers-.Access from Tokyo : Train JR Tokyo Station- Echigo Yuzawa Station (Joetsu Shinkansen).

Snow Country’s map location

Japan is a country blessed with nature and the Japanese people have built up their rhythm of life on following the changes of seasons.  A plethora of festivals are held across the country between January to March featuring spectacular snow white, hand-made  ice sculpture creations, illuminations and traditional Japanese winter scenery. 

In the Snow Country, you can enjoy the snowy and icy winter accompanied by one of the best Sake in Japan . 

The Snow Country locals practice the Yukiguni’s lifestyle to overcome the challenges of winter.  Here the winter shuts out almost half of the year.     Yukiguni  (雪国) in Japanese means  “Snow Countryside”.

This is a family-friendly destination with over 8000 years of history.        Thanks to the snow, this area is abundant with water too. Numerous hot springs offers beauty  & health benefit products and experiences to the visitors.

Stay healthy, stay  joyful in Snow Country
Stay healthy, stay  joyful in Snow Country

Interesting facts about the Snow Country: 

  • Jomon is a living culture – a community of hunters- based on the Snow Country that has continued to live here for 10,000 years . 
  • Textile culture started in the Jomon period, with the cloth ‘Angin’ has been recognized by the UNESCO Cultural Heritage ‘Echigo Jofu’.
  • Locals use snow bleach! This is another example of Snow Country’s Traditional Knowledge.
Enjoy Yukiguni’s Lifestyle

Get your Snow Country’s travelling  passport today and discover these seven unique towns in the Northern of Kanto Region. Do not miss the chance! A snowman with the shape of Godzilla is awaiting for your final touch!



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