When the name Japan is mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind most times is safety, this is very true. Japan is one of the most secure countries in the world, always ranking in the top 10 list of countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. Japan is an island located in the eastern part of Asia, west to Japan is the Pacific Ocean, and to the east, it is bordered by the Sea of Japan. In Japanese, the meaning of the name Japan (Nihon or Nippon) means ‘land of the rising sun’ this appellation is because Japan is so close to where the sun rises. It is a stratovolcanic archipelago made up of five main islands ranging from Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa from north to south respectively. In total it comprises of over 7000 islands and covers over 375,000km2 of land.

Capital City



With a population of over 126.2 million, it is the 11th most populous nation in the world, which makes Tokyo the capital city the most populated metropolitan area in the world. As a result of its rugged terrain, there is a high concentration of its population on narrow coastal plains.

Official Language



Very low crime rate with a Crime index of 15.91% ranking Japan the 3rd most safe place in the world in 2020


Japanese Yen ¥/円

Internet In Japan

Japan has a very good internet condition, providing very high-quality internet service to over 90 percent of the inhabitants and almost a hundred percent for medium to large businesses. Japan ranks at number 5 in the world with over 117.5 million internet users which makes over 92 percent of its population.

Japan Weather

Except for Hokkaido and Okinawa regions, Japan has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Areas on the main island including Tokyo the capital city have humid subtropical climates characterized by very humid and warm summers and mild winters.

Transport system in Japan

Japan has a clean transport system with several transportation mediums which range from Shinkansen (bullet trains), trains, subways, buses, taxis, and personal vehicles. The Japanese transport system is very reliable, punctual and very comfortable most times. It doesn’t matter if you are with a group of friends or alone or even with your family, transportation in Japan is very practical and easy to access.

Currency exchange locations

When traveling abroad most people prefer having dollars in hand instead of other foreign currencies, however, if you are heading to Japan, it shouldn’t bother you on how or where you can change your foreign currency to Japanese yen or vice versa. In Japan currency exchange is done by post offices, banks, a handful of licensed money changers are equally found at airports, and you can equally find money exchange services in some large hotels.